How to Start a Fantasy Football League – A Guide for Dummies

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Every football enthusiast knows that the fantasy football season is about to start. From September 8 to January 1, all the passionate players will decide whether to join an existing league or to create their own. If you want to be the commissioner yourself, we’ve got a few tips for you on how to start a powerful league that wins and brings satisfactory results. Here’s how to play fantasy football.


Choosing a Free Platform & Setting the Entry Fee

Since this is your first league, the recommended platforms to host it would be the free ones, such as Yahoo!, NFL, and ESPN. They will make the whole experience easier by tracking the player and team stats for you.

One more thing that you need to do before officially starting to build your league is setting the entry fee. Unless you want to play for fun without any money involved, you need to set a fee that will later become the pot for the winning team. It doesn’t have to be a big payment. However, to make sure that you get the money from all the players, tell them you will only set the drafting date after everybody has paid.

Drafting the Right Players & Teams

Ideally, you should have about 10 teams in your league. You can either make a local league with your friends and neighbors or a public one so that any individual may be able to join. You can also draft random players manually. But if you don’t want a weak league, you should look for the NFL teams’ strength of schedule, along with the offensive systems that they use and their potency.

Filling Out Your Team Rosters

The goal for each owner is to draft a team roster of 15 to 18 players. As the commissioner, you have the power to decide the number of players who are allowed to draft at every position. However, the traditional way of drafting a roster is two quarterbacks, four running backs, four wide receivers, two tight ends, two kickers, and two defense/special teams. The drafting order is randomly generated by the server or by you, the commissioner if you are playing offline.

The players that nobody chooses end up being reserves. Usually, you can use them to replace starters who perform badly, who get injured or who are in the Bye week.

Deciding on a Simple Scoring System

As you may already know, you have the opportunity to choose between a Standard Scoring System, a Points per Perception System, and an Individual Defensive Player. But considering the fact that you are just starting out with your league, the Standard Scoring System is the one you should aim for.

The basic score values for this system are:

  • Touchdown: 6 Points
  • QBs (over 300 yards) passing: 1 Point
  • RBs (more than 100 yards) rushing: 1 Point
  • Receivers (more than 100 yards): 1 Point
  • Field Goals: 3 Points
  • Field Goals (more than 50 yards): 4 Points
  • Extra Points Kicked: 1 Point
  • Extra Points (run/ pass): 2 Points

If you feel like, as the commissioner, you have enough free time to keep track of the score, you can create more advanced scoring systems. However, not all the team owners involved in the league will find this pleasing since it usually takes a lot of time to check the statistics every week.

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