Counter Strike: Global Offensive DFS: Odds, Projections & Tips

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For quite some time, League of Legends was the only game that offered daily fantasy sports betting. Today, you have more options. Some of the top DFS sites have expanded to offer CS GO DFS. With this expansion, you can now enjoy wagering at some of the most trusted sites. Leading betting sites offer sure CS GO odds along with great betting tips. Read on to learn more about CSGO betting.

What is Competitive CS: GO DFS?

Within the main game, there is an in-game option where items can be purchased. This is known as CS GO Competitive, where players are awarded $800 to start. Money can then be earned through completing the objectives. The Competitive aspect enhances gameplay and adds another layer of excitement.

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With this objective-based game, CSGO betting offers some great opportunities to wager and win. CS GO DFS is a new way to enjoy the world of eSports. It is being featured at some of the most reliable DFS betting sites in the US.

Upcoming Matches

If you are looking to enjoy the world of CS GO DFS, watch for upcoming matches that are listed in the provided table. These can all provide excellent CS GO odds. You will also enjoy new ways to enjoy DFS and the thrills of the game. You can watch CS GO streams online or on your mobile device to watch games play out.

Be sure to check for the latest CS GO DFS matches right here. We want to make sure you never miss out on the chance to wager. With the great betting options on CS GO eSports, you have many more ways to bet and win. 

Counter Strike: Global Offensive – DFS Basics

CS:GO is one of the more popular first-person shooter multiplayer games being offered. It is a game where two teams will go against each other, with each team consisting of five players. One match will include 30 rounds of play. After 15 rounds, there is a halftime period where teams will change game objectives. With CS GO DFS, you can bet on the game as it is played.

With CS GO eSports, the fantasy lineups will contain six roster spots. These include a spot for the Captain and five others, known as FLEX positions. The lineup must use players from two different games, with a maximum of three players from a single team.

When it comes to scoring, they are based on the total number of kills and assists. This is how most will enjoy CSGO betting. Points will be received for these as the game is played. The goal is to get the most points at the end of the round.

CS: GO Odds: How Does it Work?

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If you want to get in on the action of CSGO gambling, you need to learn about the odds and how they work. With the right approach, you can make some money from this new DFS option. The CS GO odds will imply the chances of how something will happen during a game.

Similar to traditional sports wagering, the CS GO odds will be displayed using fractional odds. These are all calculated to include different factors. This will include player performance on a team, prior results of a team at events, and the form or style used by the player. In short, CS GO odds refer to the chance of a specific thing happening.

Where to Bet

With CS GO eSports now being available, you will find that the major betting sites will support wagers. The top CS GO DFS sites will present exceptional odds and will also offer the ability to watch a live CS GO stream. While it is a new DFS option, CSGO betting has already become quite popular. It has attracted millions of fans of the game from across the United States.

If you are ready to get started with CSGO gambling and want the best chances and top odds, be sure to check out these sites. They all offer great ways to engage in wagering. You can also enjoy some super sign up bonuses that can be used on your CSGO gambling session.


At FanDuel you will find many options when it comes to placing wagers on Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This newly popular DFS eSport has become a leading choice and there are some great odds and bets that can be placed. The site welcomes new members with a bonus that can be used to place DFS wagers. You can easily get started with your CSGO gambling experience with the chance to win payouts from exciting matches.


As one of the leading betting sites in the US, DraftKings has recently added CS GO eSports to the lineup of options. The site already offers DFS betting on League of Legends. The addition of this new game is a welcomed change for many. Watch for the latest matches to be featured and check for the ability to watch games live on a CS GO stream.


If you want the best odds and some great bonuses, be sure to check out CSGO gambling at bet365. All of the popular tournaments are covered here and the site offers odds for qualifiers. This betting site also offers special bets for live betting. You can place wagers as top CS GO matches are being played.

Where to Stream CS:GO?

At this time, FanDuel does not offer a CS GO stream, but you can watch live matches at bet365 as well as at DraftKings. These CS GO streams allow you to get right in on the action of this first-person shooter game. You can watch as events unfold and objectives are met. Hopefully, this will offer you returns on your CS GO DFS wagers.

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